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Skea Organic's experienced seed potato grower has decades of experience to produce consistently high quality seed.
Strictly adhering to industry standards as members of SOPA, we can fulfil large orders in Tonnes or 25kg bags
Skea Organics experience in seed production can also benefit the small grower. Gardeners, allotment growers and societies and potato day events can all be supplied with seed in smaller quantities.
We can net potatoes for resale or individual use in 3kg or 1kg bags.
Skea Organics supply British grown organic ware potatoes and a range of seasonal organic vegetables. This produce is suitable for Caterers, box schemes and organic processors throughout the year.
We also have the facilities to offer large orders of washed potatoes, please call for further information.


Our online shop is now opened. Come in and have a look around, we look forward to receiving your orders!

Salad potatoes
Smooth Potatoes
Fluffy Potatoes
Also refered to as New potatoes, these varieties are ideal for boiling if they are required to hold their shape. They can be left whole unpeeled as they often have thin skins. Read more... Great for boiling this potato holds it's shape well. It flakes into smooth pieces which also can be mashed well for a lump free texture. Read more... Steam, boil gently or ideally roast these varieties to get the greatest taste and texture. The also cook well as Jackets if you like them soft and light in the middle, or even try chunky chips. Read more...